2022 Event Information

The 2022 Colours Boat Races take place on Friday March 18th.

Racing will take place upstream from O’Connell Bridge to St James’ Gate, with races at the follow times:

10:00 – Sally Moorhead Cup (Women’s Novice 8)

10:30 – Dan Quinn Shield (Men’s Novice 8)

11:00 – Corcoran Cup (Women’s Senior 8)

11:30 – Gannon Cup (Men’s Senior 8)

The crew lists can be found here, and in the race-day programme.


Spectators are encouraged to gather at the designated areas at the start and finish lines on the South bank of the river. A livestream of the event will also be available online, with details of that to follow.

We remind spectators that cycling alongside the races is forbidden, and anyone doing so will be reported. Also, the flying of drones over, along, or near the course is also prohibited for the duration of the event.

We thank you for your cooperation in complying with these measures, helping us run a safe and enjoyable event, and securing the future of the Colours Boat Races in the city centre.