2022 Coin Toss

The coin toss for the 72nd Colours Boat Races took place in front of the Dining Hall on the Front Square of Trinity College on Saturday February 26th 2022, officiated by Mark Pollock.

Mark, who has raced for Trinity in Gannon Cup and was captain of DUBC in 1997, is an explorer, motivational speaker, and spinal injury research pioneer.


Trinity won the toss for the women’s races, and DULBC Captain Alicia O’Neill called for the South Station.

UCD won the coin toss for the men’s events, and UCDBC Captain David Somers called for the North Station.


Trinity will race on the South Station for the Sally Moorhead Cup and the Corcoran Cup.

UCD will race on the North Station for the Dan Quinn Shield and the Gannon Cup.

All four races take place on Friday, March 18th.


Our thanks to Mark Pollock for officiating.